Since 2003, Zain Iraq, has become the country’s leading mobile telecommunications provider, a market share leader and a network infrastructure that covers 97 per cent of the population.

In early 2008, the Zain Iraq brand was launched; combining the MTC Atheer and Iraqna networks further to the acquisition of Iraqna from Orascom. It experienced a significant transformation, turning the operation into the leading mobile operator.

Focus is put on expanding and diversifying the company’s product offering, with continued and complete revamping of data packages and a diversification of the company’s entertainment proposition utilising its advanced 3G network. Zain Iraq’s products provide more value to our customers than any other competitor. Tremendous credit is given to the customers and their priceless contributions, outstanding workforce and the unrelenting support of the many stakeholders. Zain Iraq’s strong brand, backed by the marketing strength of Zain Group across the region is what underpins the company’s leadership position.

Zain Iraq operates the latest state-of-the-art converging billing system (CBS) which improves the time to market and provides customers with a wider range of offers.

It is considered a diversified telecommunications company, evolving into an internet service provider. Major enhancements made to the 2G and 3G coverage, made it possible expanding the number of sites that ensure wider coverage and faster access to data in addition to the Fibre Optic expansion which supports the uptake of 3G services.

In line with its customer-centric strategy, Zain Iraq’s core network underwent complete modernization, making it LTE/5G ready. The company implemented a new service operation centre (SOC) for improving customer experience. This new system allows Zain Iraq to effectively enhance the techniques and methods used to monitor voice and mobile broadband services, evolving from network-centric into a customer centric approach.

Zain Iraq has placed a significant priority on Social Media channels as a primary means of communication to reach out to its customers.

Zain Iraq takes its responsibilities as a leading business entity in the country earnestly, and to this end, good corporate governance is at the heart of all its operations. Through its partners and stakeholders mapping the company implements its CSR programs by utilizing all resources whilst launching a series of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives focused on health, education, sports, and the environment in several areas.

Zain Iraq has been reaching out to all dimensions of the Iraqi community, with a larger objective of addressing to the needs and concerns of the youth given that Zain Iraq has become associated with youth empowerment and mentorship. Zain has managed to reinforce the real meaning of CSR in a way that is not restricted to charity and donations.

Zain-Iraq provides a wide range of mobile telephony and various services like MMS, GPRS, other data services and recently Blackberry