Tube Tech International Ltd. is the world-leader in the removal of fouling from refinery, petrochemical and energy process assets. The company is spearheaded by serial inventor CEO Mike Watson who, with over 35 years of experience, is determined to support the rebuild of Iraq by sharing unrivalled know-how and unique ownership of the most advanced and innovative combined cleaning and asset integrity inspection technologies available to the industry.

Tube Tech International Ltd. has an established reputation as the life-line to oil and gas clients around the world, with the ability to avoid costly asset replacement by developing bespoke fouling removal technologies, even redesigning of the asset itself, where others have tried and failed.

By continually investing in research and development, the company leads the market in innovation and best practice solutions, which has seen Mike develop a global centre of excellence and be invited to chair the American Petroleum Institute ‘Cleaning Standards Committee’ and the European/Global Water Jetting Institute.

By sharing his international best practice, Mike aims to help Iraq overcome continual costly, societal, environmental and political issues that arise due to the disruption of fuel supplies caused by catastrophic process failure as a result of fouling. Having been called upon many times by leading refineries in Iraq, caught short by the lack of insurance cover for international contractors to provide onsite services, Mike has seen and heard first-hand the damaging consequences this has had on national throughput and the Iraqi community. Not only does this incur costs of replacing fouled uncleanable assets, but the associated downtime plus national fuel shortages and political turbulence makes these replacement costs pale into insignificance.

With an exceptional training infrastructure in the UK and access to remote consultancy, Mike has established a means for crucial knowledge transfer through the unique opportunity to buy his intellectual property and technology. He is committed to providing Iraq with the expertise and technology to deal with all inevitable fouling issues at source, that are otherwise inaccessible. His aim is to make Iraq independent in firefighting its own process fouling problems, supporting the country’s prime position as one of the largest oil resources in the world.

Whether it is the remote, robotic and high-speed cleaning of inaccessible, energy-hungry and highly critical fired and unfired equipment such as furnaces, shell and tube heat exchangers, Texas Towers and air-cooled condensers (ACCs), Tube Tech International Ltd. is the only company with the ability to remove over 90% of fouling. This has enabled refineries around the world to significantly improve energy efficiencies, avoid asset replacement and unplanned shutdowns, and reduce waste and CO2 emissions.

Mike wholeheartedly supports the IBBC’s vision – Together we rebuild Iraq. To speak to Mike about the opportunity of working together, call +44 1268 786999 or email For more information on Tube Tech International Ltd., visit