Serco specializes in the delivery of essential public services across defence, transport, justice, immigration and healthcare.

Serco Group plc’s roots go back to 1929, becoming Serco Limited in 1987 and in 1988 was listed on the London Stock Exchange.  Serco is a FTSE top 250 employing over 50,000 people and operate internationally with Serco Middle East based in Dubai and delivering strategic projects across the region since 1947.

Serco has a proven track record in successfully delivering projects in Iraq since 2011.  We have a team based in Baghdad supported by staff in Dubai and have setup a local company.  Our emphasis is delivering innovation, operational efficiency and strategic transformation of essential public services alongside training and developing Iraqi Nationals.

Case studies in delivering essential public services:

·       Defence.  Serco delivers a full range of professional, technical and management services to SPAWAR to deliver a full range of installation services on board US warships, running staff colleges and provides logistics, repair and base services to Australian, UK, UAE and other nation’s armed forces world-wide.

·       Transport.  Serco is the largest non-government provider of air navigation services in the world, including Baghdad International Airport and operates metro and rail services in the region and elsewhere.

·       Justice.  Serco provides prison management, rehabilitation, court and prisoner escort services.

·       Immigration.  Serco is the world leading provider of border control and immigration services through intelligence, strengthening border controls and people management.

·       Healthcare.  Serco provides a range of services including operational management of hospitals and optimisation of patient experience.

Serco enables our customers to succeed in delivering to time and budget their strategic aims and objectives.