GardaWorld is the world’s largest privately owned security company with over 62,000 staff.

We have been operating in Iraq since 2003, we have management offices and support clients in Baghdad, the Kurdish Region and Basra. Serving a range of clients in all sectors we provide services to identify and manage security risk. Our capabilities include: mobile and static security, canine security, comprehensive diplomatic security, low-profile executive protection, traveller tracking, and large static infrastructure security services.  Our physical security services are underpinned by a sophisticated network of information analysis and reporting.

Regarded as the pioneer in the selection, employment and training of an Iraqi workforce we employ staff from all main religious groups and tribes to work with our multilingual expat team leaders and management. We undertake training programs for all in-country teams to raise local national skill levels and prepare and facilitate greater staff retention.

We employ more than 2,000 staff as risk analysts, logisticians, medics, IT technicians, management as well as security guards and drivers.

We are a founder member of the IBBC, are committed to the long term and acknowledge that the nature of our business will change as Iraq stabilises and the local security forces become more capable.

We rely on the consent of the local population in order to operate. We conduct our business in complete compliance with Iraqi regulation and legislation and endeavour to support the communities from whom we recruit our loyal and skilled work force. We use our fully equipped medical clinics and four-wheel drive ambulances, manned by qualified medics to conduct weekly community support and outreach clinics in the rural Kurdish region.

In Baghdad, we are supporting Women Health Volunteers who visit local homes and educate families on vaccinations, basic health and hygiene and women’s rights. In the Wassit Province we recently funded the installation of a desalination and pumping station to provide clean and safe drinking water to over 1,000 residents.

Recently in Basra we funded the refurbishment of a school playground allowing children to play during all seasons.

As a founding signatory of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security, we are the first to receive global certification to the industry’s standard ISO 18788.

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