Through organic growth and acquisition, Constellis Group has become one of the world’s largest dedicated risk management companies with 17,000 staff operating in 25 countries.

Brands within the consolidated group include Olive group, Edinburgh International, triple Canopy, Academi, Centerra, TDI, AMK9 and Strategic and Social. Together, the companies in the group offer unparalleled resources and capability to support our clients in difficult environments around the world.


Olive Group was one of the first companies to enter Iraq in 2003 and has since operated in the Iraqi market as a fully registered and licensed entity – Al Zaitoon. Constellis Commercial is a leading provider of security solutions across the country and has acquired extensive expertise in supporting projects on behalf of governments, international corporations and NGOs.

The company has regional offices in three key cities – Baghdad, Basrah, and Erbil. Our Iraqi businesses have appointed Iraqi Directors, and typically maintain a current workforce of over 3,000 Iraqi personnel, with our contracts employing 90% Iraqi personnel. Martin Rudd is committed to the ‘Iraq First’ initiative which not only looks to procure from Iraqi suppliers as a primary source, but also mentors Iraqi staff.

We are committed to operating safely and with proper Governance and Controls exercised through internal Quality Management Systems. Following a rigorous audit, Olive Group became the first private security company globally to achieve accredited certification against the PSC.1 standard for private security companies in Iraq. We are also certified to ISO 18788 and were the first company globally to be certified by the International Code of Conduct Association in 2017

Our Capabilities include:

  • Crisis Response Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • Mobile & Static Security Services
  • Training
  • Aviation & Airport Security
  • Mine Action
  • K9 Services
  • Maritime Protective Services
  • Provision of Embedded Staff
  • Insight Risk
  • Camp Construction & Life Support
  • Logistics
  • Fleet Management

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