Basrah Engineering Group was formed in 2005 when three well known engineering companies in Basrah joined together to form the BEG Group headed by Eng Rasmi Al Jabri. Rasmi Aljabri is also a Deputy Chairman of the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC).

The three engineering companies were:

•    Basrah Engineering Contracting and Trading: dealing with general engineering contracts, design, logistics, security and material supply.

•    Al-Sadiq Engineering Company: dealing with civil and piling concrete contract works.

•    Al-Baidaq Al-Aswad Company: dealing with mechanical and electrical contract works.

BEG is a member of the IBBC, the Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Iraqi Engineering Union, the Iraqi Contractors Union, the Iraq Chambers of Commerce, the Iraqi Businessmen Council and the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce Consulting Committee. We have over 90 engineering and technical staff working across south Iraq.

Our projects

Our main activities are:

•    Civil and earth works

•    Concrete works and ready mix concrete supply

•    Soil investigation and piling works

•    Water canals and irrigation systems

•    Supply, installation and commission of water treatment and water desalination units

•    Oil pipe line installation and commissioning

•    Installation and commission of control system and instrumentation

•    Installation, commissioning and operation of small industrial projects

•    Installation and commissioning of diesel powered generator plants including cabling and distribution to consumers

•    Repairs and maintenance for all kinds and sizes of H.T. motors, industrial pumps, flow valves, and control valves

BEG has constructed camps which can accommodate up to 50 people, complete with offices, kitchens, rest rooms, recreation areas, restaurants, water network systems, sanitary systems and power generation.

BEG also supply logistical services such as customs clearance, transporting materials and goods to and from Basrah Ports, the supply of desalinated water, potable mineral water, laundry services, and diesel fuel.

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