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You are invited to help IBBC and World Bank to introduce Iraqi SME’s to

FREE business training courses

WHEN: 29th June, 6pm to 8pm Iraq time


Please share this free business training initiative and the course registration with any SME in your network, however small, and encourage them to sign up.

Please share these coordinates with your SME contacts


Arabic version for sharing with your contacts here

WebEx Link: Join Using WebEx

YouTube Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxeuaarijuE


IBBC has been asked by the World Bank, to support them in the promotion of business resilience and training courses for SME’s in Iraq. The driver behind this initiative is to give Iraqi SME’s support to ride out and survive the business effects of COVID-19 pandemic and the effect it has particularly on the smaller businesses in the economy.

The support is in the form of four free business training courses that SME’s can take via Webbex or Youtube, provided they sign up.

As a partner to the World Bank IBBC is contacting our Chambers of Commerce and Union contacts, and those businesses we can alert.

The courses cover four topics :

  1. Business Planning.
  2. Accessing Finance.
  3. Communicating.
  4. Thriving.

We recognise that your suppliers are most likely to be already well prepared, but if there are some who may be finding the current economic climate challenging, these courses will provide a good sense check to best practice.


Please follow this link for the WebEx how-to manual in English

Please follow this link for the WebEx how-to manual in Arabic


Please let us know if there are any further questions by contacting london@webuildiraq.org

We very much hope that your teams will be able to share these courses with your supplier and business ecology.